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Do you take my Insurance?

We are not in network with insurance nor do we bill insurance; however, we can provide to you the receipts/documents that you need to remit to your reimbursement destination of choice (ex. FSA, HSA, Insurance). Please make your requests known to the receptionist for an itemized receipt and your request will be processed. We cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed, as everyone's reimbursement agencies have their own distinct set of rules. We do accept regular forms of payment (credit card, cash, check) as well as FSA and HSA cards.

Are you Enrolled with Medicare?

We are not enrolled with Medicare. If you are looking to use your Medicare benefits, we encourage you to visit to search for a Chiropractor who is enrolled with Medicare.

What is "Medical Necessity"?

Medical Necessity is a term the insurance industry uses to define what services are covered and what services are not covered. Health insurance companies typically provide coverage only for health-related services that they define or determine to be Medically Necessary. Insurance may not pay for healthcare services that they deem to be more therapeutic in nature.

What is Corrective Chiropractic Care?

The goal of Corrective care adjustments include Relief, Correction and Stabilization of a diagnosed condition(example subluxation, or a stuck joint/vertebrae). This care requires more frequent visits initially, that reduce in frequency as the patient’s condition stabilizes and/or improves. A doctor-prescribed treatment plan is necessary during this care phase and gaps in treatment dates typically do not exceed 2 weeks. Examinations are required and treatment goals are monitored and documented. During Corrective Care, the patient receives Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (Adjustments), and may include other recommended therapeutic modalities.

What is Wellness/Maintenance Chiropractic Care?

Wellness/Maintenance Care is care that follows Corrective Care once the patient's condition status has become stable. Even if a patient may still have some degree of discomfort, once their improvement has leveled off they may be released from Corrective Care and placed onto a maintenance program of care. The goal of Maintenance Care is to maintain the improvement that was accomplished with Corrective treatment. It is meant to prevent future relapses. This is also known as Wellness or Preventative Care. Maintenance Care visits frequency can range from mutiple visits per week, to weekly, to a several times a month, etc. to promote optimal health and wellness.

Can I come in for Chiropractic care when I want to instead of being on a treatment plan?

Yes, we offer flexible appointments to fit your schedule. However, if you were to try to get reimbursed by your insurance agency, please know that Chiropractic treatment provided on an "as-needed" basis may be determined to be "not-medically necessary" and may not be covered by your reimbursement agency. Even if your insurance benefits say you have a certain number of Chiropractic visits per year, those visits may need to fall under a Medically Necessary Corrective treatment program prescribed by the Chiropractor. Patients that are seen on an "as-needed" basis and are not on a specific treatment plan may be considered Maintenance Care, since insurance may determine the care to be "maintenance" in nature.

Do I have to have insurance, or a referral, to come to your office for Chiropractic care?

No, all are welcome! We serve many people from many walks of life. You do not need an already diagnosed condition nor a referral from another provider to reap the benefits of Chiropractic care. Your Chiropractor will provide an exam, followed by your treatment.

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, please note that we are not an enrolled Medicare provider and if you are looking to use your Medicare benefits, we encourage you to visit to search for a Chiropractor who is enrolled with Medicare.

Will you bill my insurance?

We accept payment up front after your appointment (Credit card, Care Credit, check, cash, FSA card). We can provide an itemized receipt to you for you to remit to your destination of choice.

We aim to keep our fees priced reasonably in order to be accessible to those who wish to reap the benefits of Chiropractic care.

Why won't my insurance reimburse me for my care?

Whether insurance will reimburse you or not has little to do with symptoms or how a patient feels. Insurance may only pay for services that it determines to be medically necessary. Once a treatment plan has been completed (or not followed) and long-term improvements are not expected, then the patient is released from Corrective Care without regard of any remaining symptoms. Once maximum therapeutic benefit is
achieved then Corrective Care is to be stopped and Maintenance care started.

But my insurance says that I have 12 visits per year covered.

Insurance will typically only pay for services that it determines to be "Medically Necessary". If your 12 visits are used during a Corrective treatment protocol based on a diagnosed condition then they should be covered if you attempt to get reimbursed; however, if the 12 visits are used on an "as-needed" or "once-a-month" basis then insurance might not cover those visits. Maintenance visits are typically determined by the insurance industry to be not-medically necessary and are therefore not typically covered services. Non-covered services also typically do not apply towards any deductible so there is generally no need to bill insurance for maintenance service.

Can I go back on Corrective Care once I've been on Maintenance Care?

Yes, there would just need to be a legitimate new condition or injury, or exacerbation or relapse of a past condition. A new examination and documentation must be performed in order to determine if a Corrective treatment plan is necessary. If a Corrective treatment plan is recommended then Corrective Care can be started again and continued as long as change and progress can be measured and documented. Corrective care may require therapies and rehab procedures in addition to the chiropractic adjustments and typically would not exceed a 2 week gap between treatmet visits. If the treatment plan is not followed for any reason then the patient would need to be discharged again to a maintenance status.

Is Chiropractic affordable?

Unlike most medical care, Chiropractic care tends to be more affordable. It is much cheaper (and healthier) to invest a small amount in prevention. We think that Chiropractic care is overall a great deal in healthcare.