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Muscle Work-Adhesion Breaking

Muscle work using Adhesion Breakers (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Instruments) is a procedure using metal tools to rub the muscle(s) in order to break up existing scar tissue. Scar tissue may form within muscles due to injuries, inflammation, surgeries, overuse, and underuse conditions. Scar tissue can be problematic within muscles because it can reduce your range of motion, causing stiffness and pain.

Muscle work with Adhesion Breakers aims to increase tissue elasticity and fibroblastic activity, and to help the muscles and surrounding tissues return to as close to pre-injury, or normal, status as possible. This is accomplished by initiating a controlled inflammatory process. This process allows the tissue to begin the healing process through the breaking down existing scar tissue/adhesions, and redirecting collagen formation in the proper orientation for correct movement of muscles and tissues. Commonly, a petechiae rash results in the area that was worked on, this is normal and a part of the process.

Adhesion Breaking work is a more intense type of manual therapy, and is therefore done in short amouts of time, from a few minutes to about 10 minutes total, depending on need. Adhesion breaking work can be done on one or more areas of need. We offer, or you can request, a stress squeeze ball for your use to help with pain management during this muscle work process. While this type of muscle work may be intense on areas of need, the goal is a reduction in pain and increased ease of movement following the treatment.

If you are feeling stiff, sore, or achey, ask your Chirorpactor about this service. Make sure you come to your visit wearing comfortable clothing, like gym attire for example, that allows your Chiropractor access to your area(s) of need with his Adhesion Breaking tools.

2021 Rates:

Adhesion Breaking Muscle Work - 3 minutes $20.00, 7 Minutes $35.00, 10 Minutes $50.00.

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