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Custom Orthotics through Foot Levelers

Foot levelers Custom Orthotics are designed to support the unique shape of your feet. 99% of the population has pronated feet (flat feet). The custom orthotics are designed to help with flat feet by providing arch support while you go about your daily activities. They create a symmetrical foundation for your feet, provide heel strike shock absorption, and improve your balance and the way you walk. They are designed to assist with the following conditions: plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, chronic ankle instability, knee pain, sacroiliac joint pain, and leg length inequality. They have also been proven to reduce low back pain by 34.5%. To receive a free scan and printout of your results, give us a call! The Custom Orthotics start at $298.00

Jump to page 10 in this online catalog to see the products available-orders can be placed through our office.


Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics Kiosk